WC anthem ‘Dil Jashn Bole’ divides fans, Arsalan Naseer weighs in | The Express Tribune


YouTuber-turned-actor Arsalan Naseer recently took to his YouTube channel to share an eight minute and 30 seconds video discussing the newly released anthem of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023.

In the video, the Chupke Chupke actor stated that the song Dil Jashn Bole, with its lively tune and on-theme lyrics, was not bad and that the lackluster and poor-concept video of the anthem was the main reason behind people’s dislike and criticism of the track. “If I give you my honest opinion, then the reason why you don’t like this song is because the music video is bad. The song itself is not bad,” said Arsalan.

“When it plays in the stadium again and again, especially when the batsmen score a boundary, people will start to enjoy it,” added the Paristan actor, explaining how the excitement of the match in play will automatically trigger a positive reaction in fans when the song will play in the setting of a large stadium or come blaring through people’s television screens.

The Neem star also made a joking remark about how Ranveer Singh who is the face of the anthem this year happens to be seen everywhere nowadays, in endorsements, brand campaigns, and films alike: “Sir Ranveer Singh is everywhere. Whichever Indian channel you put on, he is there in every endorsement, every song.”

“If there were some players in the video and a few highlight moments from matches, then the video would have been more enjoyable,” concluded Arsalan while giving his final verdict on the anthem which has garnered over 2 M views since its launch two days ago on the official ICC YouTube Channel.

The actor also pointed out how every major tournament anthem is usually hit with some backlash and that the criticism was bound to come, further stating that its only when the next year’s anthem comes out that people end up appreciating the previous one.



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