Model used spy to catch boyfriend cheating


Model Sophia Culpo has revealed exactly how she caught her ex-boyfriend Braxton Berrios cheating in TikTok’s most infamous love triangle.

Culpo announced her split with the American footballer in March after two years together. The pair’s split was swamped in rumours of alleged infidelity, in particular that Berrios had cheated while he was in Arizona celebrating the Super Bowl.

This week, Culpo explained that someone close to Berrios’s then-NFL team, the Jets, had spilled on his alleged affair.

Culpo said she first heard the news from her older sister, fellow model and actor Olivia Culpo, who is engaged to 49ers star Christian McCaffrey.

“Olivia calls me at six in the morning. She calls me and she’s like I’m so sorry I want you to hear this from me, he’s cheating on you,” Culpo said during an appearance on her sister Aurora’s Barely Filtered podcast with Kristen Gaffney.

“I just remember my stomach drops. I want to throw up … and then I call him and I go, ‘Was there anything you want to tell me?’ I never heard this tone in his voice, [and he said], ‘No.’

“That was when I shattered, because I was like, this is a different person. We had a long conversation and one of the last things I will never forget him saying to me was: ‘I wouldn’t go forward with that story because that’s not how I remember it.’”

Culpo said she then had someone “do some digging” for her and didn’t like what they found.

“Someone we know was doing some digging for me around the team and that was how I got confirmation that this wasn’t the first girl,” she explained.

“(Berrios) was like, ‘Ladies don’t have to know about tonight,’ and this teammate was like, ‘I’m single, so, it’s fine.’ (Berrios) goes, ‘Oh, well I’m having fun tonight.‘”

Culpo did not name who her spy was.

At the time, Berrios was linked to TikTok megastar Alix Earle, who was also in Arizona for the Super Bowl festivities.

Earle has confirmed she and Berrios had a relationship and the pair are still believed to be involved, although Earle has said it isn’t serious.

In a separate interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast on Wednesday, Earle said Berrios and Culpo were not together while she was “hooking up” with him.

“I guess the ex-girlfriend had started posting things alluding to unfaithfulness in the relationship online and I was seen hanging out with this guy. So, everyone kind of just pointed fingers at me,” she said.

“You know I was asking for the receipts. Right away, I was probably more psycho than she was. I was like there’s just no f**king way this happened. I was checking everything.

“We have probably been over this probably 110 times because I was like, if you did that to a person, obviously you’ll probably do that to me too and if I did that to someone else, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”

Culpo, when asked whether she “hates” Earle, told Barely Filtered: “I think at the end of the day, he was the one who had the loyalty to me. She might not have been aware (that he was in a relationship). Like, who knows what was said?”

Culpo said she had “reached out” to Earle to apologise that the saga had turned into “girl versus girl” and the pair had agreed: “This has got to stop”.

Berrios, for his part, addressed his split from Culpo in an Instagram Story in June.

He said the two had a “healthy” relationship and split after “conversations along the lines of we just weren’t working out.”


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