Internet in meltdown over gaming ‘scam’


Gamers have trashed a popular video game developer after the release of the hotly anticipated Payday 3, a game centred around on bank robberies and co-operative online play.

Developer Starbreeze Studios has been hyping up Payday 3 for over seven years and had their game immediately rise to #1 on the global Steam rankings upon its Friday release day.

But fans were immediately let down as soon as they booted up the product. Several thousand users reported having no access to join a game, even while playing solo.

Others complained about the glaring lack of voice communications between party members.

The abuse levied at Starbreeze Studios has inundated fan-built communities on Facebook, Reddit and Twitter, with dozens posting screenshots of themselves getting a refund on release day.

Some went so far as calling the entire release a “scam”, claiming they had spent up to four hours waiting for a match to load in.

Starbreeze Studios has spent the day in heavy damage control, attempting to ensure its customers that the server issues will be brief.

“We realise that the matchmaking issues are frustrating, they are for us as well. We‘re still here and still working on getting you all back into the game, stay tuned,” the developer tweeted.

“We have deployed some fixes, but we‘re still seeing instability in the matchmaking. We’re continuing investigation and will keep working on addressing this.”

Replies underneath the official tweet largely consisted of angry memes.


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