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From Fawad Khan to Shah Rukh Khan, local artist Dr. Shoab Saadat has visualised what we all have been wondering about for a while. While the casting of Cillian Murphy in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer biopic was convincingly sensational, one cannot help but wonder what a South Asian casting of the ‘Father of the Atomic Bomb’ would look like.

Thankfully, Dr. Saadat has done the needful and presented a lineup of various Pakistani actors, namely Fawad, Zahid Ahmed, Imran Abbas, Naumaan Ijaz, Adnan Siddiqui, and Ahmed Ali Akbar. And ofcourse, no South Asian casting line-up is complete without Bollywood actors Salman Khan and Shah Rukh.


1.    Fawad Khan 
Pakistan’s heartthrob, who just gave a mega hit in the form of The Legend of Maula Jatt  would be an undoubtedly interesting fit for the role.

2.    Zahid Ahmed 
A rather well-known name in Pakistani television, Zahid would definitely bring something new to the table with his rendition of the physicist.  

3.    Imran Abbas 
A perhaps debatable addition to the list, Imran’s smoldering persona would definitely be an interesting choice for this casting.

4.    Naumaan Ijaz 
Admittedly one of the most convincing transformations, Naumaan would carry the role with quite an intensity, if we do say so ourselves. 

5.    Adnan Siddiqui
Another convincing casting, Adnan would make the perfect misunderstood scientist! Whether Oppenheimer or another similar role, a character like this is something the actor should definitely consider. 

6.    Ahmed Ali Akbar 
Ahmed is undoubtedly a talented actor, but we can’t decide how we feel about him embodying this role. But the star does love a challenge!

7.    Salman Khan 

Salman has a longstanding acting career under his belt and while the actor would probably do the role justice, maybe we should keep looking?

8.    Shah Rukh Khan
The king of Bollywood himself, Shah Rukh could lend a mysterious and complicated air to the role of a hero that stays in the grey.




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