Speed climbing, roller skating athletes hope Asian Games inspire more Singaporeans to pick up niche sports


The 25-year-old is part of the men’s 3,000m speed skating relay team. They are currently clocking about 4 minutes 18 seconds, and are looking to get even speedier ahead of the Games.

However, their path to Hangzhou has not been smooth. Among the challenges faced by the team is the lack of a 200m banked track, the official standard used for international competitions. 

This means the team has to train overseas, such as in South Korea, where the skaters have been preparing for the Games since April.

Mr Ng, a Nanyang Technological University (NTU) history major, has to juggle his studies remotely in between training sessions. Meanwhile, his working teammates have had to take time off from their jobs to be in South Korea.

His teammate Ryan Chua, who will be competing in the 1,000m sprint, said it will be a tough fight for a shot at a podium finish at the Games, especially against more experienced teams such as Taiwan and South Korea.


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