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Gouri G Kishan starrer ‘Litte Miss Rawther’ is heading for release, and the makers have dropped the trailer. The trailer hints at a unique love story between a short woman and a tall guy. The trailer also gives a glimpse into the journey of the lead characters played by Gouri G Kishan and debutant Shersha Sherief.
A romantic drama, ‘Little Miss Rawther’ tells the story of a short woman, who falls for a tall guy!
Check out the trailer here.

Speaking to ETimes earlier, ‘Little Miss Rawther’ director Vishnu Dev said, “Gouri G Kishan plays the title character – Naina Rawther. She hails from a financially well-off background. She is a progressive woman, very much practical about everything in life, but when it comes to romance things are quite different. She falls for an aspiring filmmaker. ‘Little Miss Rawther’ explores the romance between a tall man (6.2 ft) and a short woman (5 ft). Though it’s a romantic drama, there are also comical elements.”
The film is a romantic drama, and we have treated it as a musical. Govind Vasantha loved the script, and that’s how he came on board. ‘Little Miss Rawther’ has about 12 tracks in it.”
‘Litte Miss Rawther’ is directed by debutant Vishnu Dev. The screenplay, penned by Shersha Sherief, who is also the lead actor in the film, is set to take viewers on an unforgettable journey. Luke Jose, the cinematographer, is responsible for capturing the film’s essence through his lens. Sangeeth Prathap, the film’s editor, plays a pivotal role in shaping the narrative.
The importance of music in cinema cannot be overstated, and ‘Little Miss Rawther’ is in good hands with Govind Vasantha taking charge of the music. With his talent and expertise, viewers can expect a soundtrack that enhances the overall cinematic experience. The lyrics, crafted by Anwar Ali and Titto P Thankachen, promise to add depth and emotion to the music.

‘Litte Miss Rawther’ is slated to hit the big screens on October 6.


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