‘Emotional’ reason Nat Barr bailed on Sunrise this morning


Sunrise host Natalie Barr bailed on the show midway through this morning’s episode – but she told viewers she had an “emotional” reason for taking an early mark.

Returning from an ad break with co-host Matt Shirvington, Barr informed viewers she’d soon be disappearing for the rest of the show to attend her youngest son Hunter’s last day of Year 12.

“It’s our last son’s last school assembly, so I’m about to take off … quite emotional! I’m sure lots of viewers have gone through it, and it’s kind of big. Bit of a milestone. I’m going to be off for the rest of the show,” Barr said.

“Last day of school! We all remember it, don’t we? It’s a big day, we’re having a big assembly … so I’ll take the rest of the show off and go do that.”

Newsreader Monique Wright filled in for Barr for the remainder of Wednesday’s episode.

Barr and her husband Andrew Thompson have two sons, Hunter and his older brother Lachlan.

And Hunter’s milestone has clearly been on her mind – she also referenced it during a chat with supermodel Miranda Kerr on Sunrise late last week.

Kerr is pregnant with her fourth child, and Barr offered her guest some advice as the mother of two older children.

“You know what? It’s my last child’s last day of school [soon],” she said.

“So I know it gets busy but make the most of it, because then you’ll be crying like I will be next week when they have their assembly.”

Barr previously spoke about her devotion to her husband and sons in a 2021 interview with the Australian Women’s Weekly.

“My boys and my husband are my life,” she said.

“I may have this amazing career, but they are my number one priority and they always have been. Andrew and the boys come first.

“Of course, I have always been able to run out the door to cover a story when I need to, but I only ever did that when the boys were old enough to deal with it and to be left at home.”


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