Oversight Committee to Hold First Impeachment Inquiry Hearing September 28  


The House Oversight Committee scheduled its first impeachment inquiry hearing into President Joe Biden for Thursday, September 28, a committee spokesperson told Breitbart News.

“The hearing will focus on constitutional and legal questions surrounding the president’s involvement in corruption and abuse of public office,” the spokesperson said.

In addition to the hearing, the spokesperson told Breitbart News the committee intends to subpoena Hunter Biden and James Biden’s bank records as early as this week.

Hunter Biden denied the committee’s request in February for bank documents and communications, alleging the demands lacked a “legitimate legislative and oversight basis.”

The committee openly threatened to subpoena the Bidens since it launched its investigation in November 2022. It did not issue subpoenas sooner because the committee insisted on practicing restraint to “show good faith.”

The good faith period apparently ended when House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) opened an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, giving House investigators more legal tools to compel the Bidens to comply with the investigation.

WATCH — “President Biden Did Lie”: McCarthy Announces Impeachment Inquiry into Joe Biden

Speaker Kevin McCarthy / Facebook

Polling by Reuters shows a plurality, 41 percent, support an impeachment inquiry, while 35 percent oppose it. Twenty-four percent are unsure.

Fifty percent of independent voters believe House Republicans should impeach President Joe Biden, a YouGov/CBS News poll found Monday.

Sixty-one percent of Americans believe Joe Biden was involved in his family’s business deals with China and Ukraine, according to a recent CNN survey. Only 38 percent say Joe Biden was not involved, and just one percent say he was involved and did nothing wrong.

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