New Siena Poll: Quality of life in NY, Biden and Trump


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A new Siena College Research Institute Poll was released on Tuesday, this time giving insight into the quality of life in New York and whether or not it’s getting better or worse, as well as how fit Joe Biden and Donald Trump would be as the next elected president.

According to the new poll, 57% of voters say the quality of life in New York State is getting worse, with only 14% saying it’s getting better. 27% of voters say the cost of living in New York is the most important issue for Albany right now, with crime at second and 19% of the vote, with the recent influx of migrants coming in at third, with 18% of the vote.

Graphic via Siena Research Institute

When it comes to the 2024 Presidential Election, voters gave their opinions on Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Six out of 10 voters believe Biden is not fit to serve another four-year term as president, with six out of 10 voters also believing Trump is not fit to serve another four-year term as well. 34% of voters believe they are both unfit, with most citing Trump’s indictments as reasons for not being allowed to run.

“While Democrats, 79%, and independents, 62%, continue to have an unfavorable view of Trump, New York Republicans overwhelmingly view him favorably, 72-23%. Nearly two-thirds of Republicans say they will vote for him as their nominee,” said Steven Greenberg, Siena College Pollster. “Similarly, 71% of Democrats and 57% of independents say Trump should not be allowed to run for President given his indictments, while more than three-quarters of Republicans say he should be able to run, and they support him in a general election matchup over Biden 79-8%.”

As for Biden, Greenberg said, “New York voters give the President good news and bad news this month. On the good news side, Biden’s favorability rating is up nine points. His lead over Trump is up eight points over the last month, and Democrats have warmed to his being their nominee next year. On the bad news front, a plurality of voters – including 72% of Republicans, 47% of independents (two-to-one in support), and even 35% of Democrats – support the House of Representatives beginning an impeachment inquiry into Biden. Women oppose the inquiry by four points while men support it by 17 points.”


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