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KOLKATA: A committee established by Jadavpur University (JU) to probe incidents of ragging on campus has revealed disturbing details about the treatment of first-year students residing in the boys’ hostel.
The investigation was initiated following the death of an undergraduate student on August 10, believed to be a result of ragging.
According to the committee’s findings, first-year students, often referred to as ‘bachcha’ (kid), were subjected to humiliating and degrading rituals. They were coerced into stripping down to their undergarments and engaging in activities like perching atop almirahs, rubbing their faces against walls, performing ‘frog-jumps,’ and crawling under cots.
These freshers were further compelled to perform various tasks for their seniors, including laundering their clothes, completing assignments on their behalf, and running errands, such as procuring alcohol, cigarettes, and food from nearby markets, even during late hours.
The report also disclosed that the newcomers were pressured to use derogatory language against female residents of the adjacent police quarters. Failure to comply would result in physical punishment.
The incident involving the first-year student’s fatal fall from the hostel balcony was described in the report as not an isolated case but rather a recurring practice.
On the night of the incident, witnesses reported that the accident site was cleaned with water by a group of hostel residents under the instructions of a senior student. The victim was subsequently rushed to the hospital in a yellow taxi around midnight on August 9.
The committee’s investigation pointed towards the victim being specifically targeted for premeditated and severe ragging, potentially involving sexual abuse.
In connection with the case, thirteen individuals, all either former or current students, have been arrested.
Thirteen people, all former or current students, were arrested in connection with the case.
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