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Television works as the sole medium of entertainment for a large section of audience in India. Despite the soaring popularity of OTT platforms, none can deny, the reach and popularity, television enjoys. Moreover, the experience of watching favourite shows or a blockbuster movie on small screen, has a different charm altogether. And keeping that in mind, the leading television channels are not shying away from adding more entertainment quotient to their offerings. Besides, launching new shows, introducing new twists in the ongoing storylines, airing special episodes on special occasions, these channels are also gearing up to prove a wholesome entertainment package within the periphery of house and that’s the reason, newly premiered movies are now being aired on small screen in the form of World Television Premieres.
Keeping the tradition alive, this weekend, ‘Biye Bibhrat’ will have its World Television Premiere. The romantic comedy features two very popular actors of Tollywood, Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Abir Chatterjee playing the male leads while actress Lahoma Bhattacharya plays the female lead. The movie is directed by Raja Chanda, who has popular movies like ‘Challenge 2’, ‘Rangbaaz’, ‘Besh Korechi Prem Korec, ‘Magic’, and others to his credit. Interestingly, the story is written by Parambrata, who also stars in the movie.

Bibhrat and Biye

The story revolves around, Shakyajit Som (played by Abir Chatterjee), Mohor (Lahoma Bhattacharjee) and Chandramouli Hazra (played by Parambrata). According to the story, Shakyajit is an investment banker by profession, who is also a social media enthusiast. He runs a YouTube channel that turns out to be a mega hit and Shakyajit becomes an overnight star. In personal life, he doesn’t want to get married whoever, his mother (Sudipa Basu) desperately wants him to settle down.
Shakyajit reluctantly agrees for an arranged marriage and that’s how he meets Mohor, an interior designer. Both the prospective groom and bride like each other. But as the wedding almost finalizes, Shakyajit gets an anonymous letter. The sudden turn of events brings him to Chandramouli, who used to be Mohor’s boyfriend. Chandramouli is a simple guy from village who came to the city to fulfill his dreams. He helps Shakyajit to realize that Mohor is a wonderful girl. This follows a series of hilarious events.
‘Biye Bibhrat’ originally had its release in July and received a mixed reaction from the audience.


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