WATCH: Bengals Fan Delivers Perfect Head Butt While Getting Arrested as Cincinnati Loses Again


Things have not gotten off to a great start for the Cincinnati Bengals this year, and their fans have begun taking it out on each other.

While the Bengals were on their way to a 27-24 loss to the division-rival Ravens, a handcuffed Bengals fan in Zubaz overalls lay face-first on the ground. After getting helped to his feet by security, another Bengals fan got in his face and apparently said something provocative. Because soon after getting in the cuffed fan’s face, he took a big hit.

Wow. Of course, it is wrong to head butt people, and this never should have happened. But it is hard to feel a ton of sympathy for a guy who gets in the face of someone cuffed or in restraints. Clearly, the guy who got head-butted felt safe approaching the Zubaz-wearing fan.

He was wrong.

Let this be a lesson to you kids. Handcuffed people are still potentially dangerous people.

Things don’t get much easier for the Bengals. After back-to-back division losses, Burrow and the gang take on a very tough Rams team next Monday night in what could be an early must-win game.


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