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The actress and model Chrissy Teigen and the singer John Legend They are one of the most powerful American couples. Together they have managed to stand out in several areas and, of course, attract attention at every event they attend.

Teigen and Legend met in 2006, while filming a music video for the singer. They finally got married in 2013 and This weekend they celebrated their first 10 years as husband and wife..

To celebrate this decade together, the couple and their three children traveled to Italy, where they enjoyed two luxurious villas. Various media assure that The Legend Teigen also took advantage of the occasion to renew their vows and share with friends.

At the moment, photos of all kinds have been spread, but the one that has been shared the most is a series in which the couple is seen posing on the balcony of Villa Passalacqualocated on Lake Como, Italy.

The couple leaving Villa Passalacqua.
The couple leaving Villa Passalacqua/ Photo: Grosby Group.
Credit: Grosby Group

What is Villa Passalacqua like?

No wonder Chrissy Teigen and John Legend chose Villa Passalacqua as one of the settings to celebrate their anniversary. This place is extremely luxurious, and combines the highest standards of lodging with the tradition of the area.

The place offers first-class suites and a stunning view from the villa’s home space. According to its own website, the place currently works under one premise: “In past centuries, Italian noble families moved from a city house to a country villa throughout the long summer season, with friends, helpers and relatives. . It was an annual reset, a long-awaited season of joyful gatherings, diversions and opportunities for personal enrichment.”

However, they consider that This place can be visited during any season of the year and each of them guests will be worked like noble families.

After posing and renewing their vows inside this villa, Teigen and Legend moved on to Villa Pizzo, where they enjoyed a great party.

Get to know the villa where Chrissy Teigen and John Legend celebrated their love

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend traveled from Villa Passalacqua to Villa Pizzo, where they met several friends to celebrate their 10 years of marriage. Several videos and photos of this party have been shared on social networks. Legend even gave a private concert during the celebration.

Villa Pizzo is a wedding setting par excellence and it is even the first thing they offer through their website.

Perhaps the greatest attraction is its history, which began in 1435 when Giovanni Muggiasca, A local merchant bought the land where the villa is now built.

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