Geno Smith complaining to ref Alex Kemp about call sparks hilarious mic’d-up response


When Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith felt he was inaccurately flagged for intentional grounding in the third quarter Sunday against the Lions, both he and coach Pete Carroll were vocal about their discontent.

Smith, however, chose the exact moment that referee Alex Kemp was announcing the call to plead his case, prompting a response everyone had to laugh at — except probably the quarterback.

“I’m talking to America here, excuse me,” Kemp said mid-call while on the mic at Ford Field.

"I'm talking to America here, excuse me," Alex Kemp said to Geno Smith.
“I’m talking to America here, excuse me,” Alex Kemp said to Geno Smith.

The call came after Smith overthrew receiver Tyler Lockett in what could have been a miscommunication on the route.

According to NFL rules, the throw could have only been intentional grounding if Smith was facing pressure and threw a pass forward “without a realistic chance of completion.”

“That is the best line I’ve ever heard out of an official,” one commentator said.

Geno Smith
Geno Smith and the Seahawks defeated the Lions in overtime Sunday.
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“It was clearly miscommunication,” the commentator continued.

Carroll, who also disagreed with the call, was shown shouting, “He ran the wrong route!” at Kemp.

While the interaction may have gotten a laugh, Smith and Carroll’s complaints did nothing for the Seahawks, who took a 10-yard loss on the play.

The Seahawks did come back to score a touchdown with a 3-yard pass from Smith to Lockett on that drive.

The duo later connected for the game-winning touchdown in overtime to give Seattle a 37-31 victory.


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