Fred Astaire hosts 3rd annual Havana Nights


SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) -The Fred Astaire Dance Studios hosted their third annual Havana Nights event. Not only does the party celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with signature dance, but also raise money for the Backstretch Employee Service Team (BEST).

The Saratoga Race Course may only be in-season for 40 days, but there is a community of support for track workers called the Backstretch Employee Service Team that spend from April to November getting the track ready. The dance studio uses its year-round model to help out.

“We oversee all of the medical, mental health, social services, and addiction programming for the migrant backstretch population. We believe a healthy worker is a better worker and we are always trying to share the stories of what we do back there,” stated Saratoga Program Director of BEST, Nancy Underwood.

The dance studio is known for the Latin focus of its dances. Co-owner, Elizabeth Masko, uses her talents and appreciation of culture to shine a light on those in need. “It’s something that is very dear to our hearts. It’s something we like to celebrate on a daily basis so why not spend the whole month of Hispanic Heritage Month celebrating Latin culture.”

Underwood told NEWS10 that through this connection with Fred Astaire, they may be running similar events in the future. The money raised from the event has not been counted yet.


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