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Singer and actor Farhan Saeed recently made his musical comeback with Kadi Kadi. Unlike what you’d expect from the Jal frontman, the song is not reminiscent of Jal’s music. Instead, it emulates today’s electro pop sound, perhaps in an attempt to serve as a refresher for fans of Saeed, who may now be well in their 30s.

The singer, who will forever be celebrated for his contributions to Pakistani music with Jal, is more likely to break hearts with his latest. Kadi Kadi is a let-down, let’s get that out of the way. It is a soft reminder that artists who have aged making pop rock, mustn’t forgo their expertise to settle for a new trend. Leave that to the pros – the Gen-zs who’ve been riding the wave because they grew up listening to it.

As per the description on YouTube, Kadi Kadi is an attempt to capture the timeless beauty of love’s fleeting moments through a soul-stirring love song. However, the composition lacks catchiness and an intriguing melody, failing to stand out amidst contemporary musical offerings.

One noticeable aspect is Farhan Saeed’s vocals, which seem strained as he attempts to sing in a higher range than perhaps, he is comfortable with. The excessive use of autotune, while a stylistic choice in modern music, seems unnecessary for a vocalist of his caliber, potentially detracting from the authenticity of the performance.

Musically, Kadi Kadi strives to embrace modern elements but remains bound to transitional, structural roots. This dichotomy between attempting modernity while retaining traditional influences can hinder the song’s overall cohesiveness. Kadi Kadi’s lyrics primarily revolve around a man’s enchantment with his lover, lacking a deeper or more nuanced exploration of the theme. While this simplicity is not inherently wrong, it does contribute to an overall sense that the song doesn’t offer anything extraordinary or distinctive.

The music video, starring Humaima Malick, adds a visual dimension to the song, potentially enhancing the listener’s experience. But while Kadi Kadi attempts to encapsulate the essence of love’s delicate nuances, it falls short of delivering a musical experience that is truly exceptional or groundbreaking. The song’s musical and lyrical aspects lack the standout elements needed to make it more than just a subpar addition to the current musical landscape.

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