ABC audience’s laughter at MP


An ABC host’s clash with an Opposition MP over nuclear energy has earned laughter from a live studio audience.

Liberal MP Ted O’Brien drew fierce questioning from Q+A host David Speers after he criticised a previous policy from Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen.

Mr Bowen was commenting on the $387 billion price tag to replace coal fired power with nuclear when Mr O’Brien then jumped in to slam the Climate Change Minister’s past economic modelling on the energy system.

“The last time Minister Bowen released economic modelling on Australia‘s energy system it was to predict a $275 reduction in household power bills,” he said on the program, referring to a Labor promise from the last election to reduce household electricity bills.

Mr O’Brien was then met with a barrage of questions from the program’s host about the Opposition’s predictions for how much the nuclear energy swap would cost.

“Let‘s just let Ted O’Brien have a go,” Mr Speers said.

“You had the shot about the $275, if that cost is wrong, what is the cost [of nuclear energy]?”

Mr O’Brien attempted to skirt around the question, with Mr Speers asking three more times if Mr O’Brien could give the cost of setting up nuclear energy in Australia before giving a range of $6,000-$18,000 per kilowatt.

“That‘s a big range. Surely you’re not committing to nuclear power without knowing the cost?” the journalist pressed.

Mr Speers asked the same question once more as Mr O’Brien tried again to deflect, saying he couldn’t say as the Opposition had not released its policy.

“You’ll be one of the first one’s to know,” Mr O’Brien said to laughter and scoffs from the audience.

Mr Speers asked three more times about the figures Mr O’Brien was speaking about.

“It’s a secret is it,” Mr Speers said to another roar of laughter from the live audience.

“It is, until we release our policy David,” Mr O’Brien shot back.

After minutes of back and forth between the two men, Mr Speers


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