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The reveals continued on Monday night’s episode of The Masked Singer, with the second celebrity of the season unmasked after much fanfare that it was “the most suprising reveal EVER.”

And after a shaky performance of the Pussycat Dolls song Don’t Cha that suggested she may not last very long in the competition, the Fawn was revealed to be …

Legendary Ten newsreader Sandra Sully! A familiar face on TV behind the news desk for more than 30 years, this is the first time most viewers will have heard Sully sing.

Host Osher Gunsberg noted that Sully was perhaps the “most serious person” they’d ever had compete on the show. Sully explained that while she had limits – she’d never sign up for that other Ten celebrity show, I’m A Celeb – she thought this would be a fun test of her limits.

And she certainly duped the panel – with clues about fitness, hockey sticks and heartbreak, the judges guessed Fawn might be Carrie Bickmore, Jackie O or Pip Edwards.

Here are the other contestants who performed for the first time during Monday’s episode – plus my guess about who’s underneath each mask:

The Snow Fox may be … Amber Riley

The Snow Fox’s clues package included references to Christmas and her abilities first becoming apparent in high school. Singing Avicii’s Addicted To You with a soulful, powerful voice, could this be American singer and actress Amber Riley? She’s a fantastic singer, starred in several Christmas movies, and found fame in the high school TV show Glee. Plus, she has a Masked Singer pedigree: She won the US version of the show last year and placed fourth in the UK season earlier this year. A stint on Masked Singer down under seems a logical next step.

Look, it’s a better guess than any the panel came up with: Holly Valance, Jewel, Kim Petras and Delta Goodrem, none of whom Snow Fox sounds remotely like.

Bouncer is probably … Conrad Sewell

Bouncer’s clues package includes references to the number 100 and a clock striking midnight. Taking the stage to sing Hit the Road Jack, his voice is instantly familiar. I’m not the first to point this out, but he really does sound a lot like Australian singer Conrad Sewell. The 100? Before his career took off, he made it into the top 100 of Australian Idol, season 2. And as for midnight, he used to be in a band called Sons of Midnight.

Despite this seeming like perhaps the most obvious pick of the night, the judging panel guessed Nick Lachey, Ryan Corr and Khanh Ong.

Bluebottle might be … Shaynna Blaze

Bluebottle had the most mysterious clues package, with very little to latch onto other than a reference to abalone. Her rendition of Say A Little Prayer For You suggested she’s Australian, middle-aged, and is already a professional singer. There was a Kate Ceberano-esque quality to her voice – but Kate’s already competed in an earlier season. Aussie-based Kiwi singer Jenny Morris was another thought, but she retired from singing completely in 2015 due to issues affecting her voice.

One guess from the judging panel is The Block judge and sometime jazz singer Shaynna Blaze – and the bluebottle does sound a lot like her. Would Nine let her moonlight on a rival network? One thought – and this might be a reach – but that clue about ‘Abalone’ could be a reference to her old Selling Houses co-star Charlie Albone.

Tiny could be… Pete Murray

Inside this Monsters Inc-esque costume is a celeb who’s “top of the class” and “one step ahead,” but is “not as fast as they used to be.” He says there are a lot of opportunities as a monster and it’s difficult choosing what to do. His clues package ended with a shark swimming past the word ‘Fin.’ A surfer, perhaps? Mick Fanning, or Kelly Slater?

Tiny’s rendition of Walking on Sunshine started off shaky but gets better for the soaring chorus – in fact, he sounds an awful lot like Aussie singer-songwriter Pete Murray, also a keen surfer. And as for those clues: Murray has singles titled Class A and Opportunity. The panel guesses included Neil Finn, Jack Johnson and John Mayer.

Last week, the first contestant of the season was unmasked as Hollywood actor Brian Austin Green, best known for his work on the iconic 90s show Beverley Hills, 90210. After his unmasking, he revealed he was able to visit Australia without arousing too much Masked Singer suspicion as his partner is Aussie Dancing with the Stars judge Sharna Burgess.

Meanwhile, went behind the scenes of The Masked Singer during filming in Sydney recently – all the way to Mel B’s dressing room, in fact. We sat down with the Spice Girl to get the goss on her upcoming wedding, her recent move back to her hometown in Northern England, and what she and the other Spice Girls have planned for their next comeback – yes, she insists, all five of them.

The Masked Singer continues 7:30pm next Monday on Ten.


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